And the Light of dreams
Two Individuals, Merged into the same body, having adventures … and some hack and slay.
(Not tested at all yet)
(Currently iPad only)
(Requires some IT skills)
My name is Daniel Wiedemann, I'm the creator of LizzE - And the Light of Dreams and this is its first episode. Though LizzE started off as my final Master project, I will definitely continue to further develop the gameplay, features, content and everything else. So stay tuned, because there is more to come!

Special thanks go to Elise Plans, who did an amazing job creating the audio sound track. And thanks to Matt and Izzy, who've lend me their voices for some sound effects.

I hope playing LizzE fascinates you as much as it excites me to see it evolving. I would love to hear what you think about LizzE, so send me an email to daniel[at]

If you want to support LizzEs further development, please feel free to donate any amount of money you can spare. Every single coin helps ;) !!

© 2013 Daniel Wiedemann